What is Cockpit and what it can be used for?

Cockpit is a wireless smart home automation system, which allows us to remotely control all electrical devices available in the house (using a smartphone or tablet). Thanks to Cockpit you have access to all your devices combined into one network, whether you are in the apartment, outside, at work or on holiday.

What are the benefits of installing Cockpit System?

Cockpit allows you to enjoy comfort in your home – it will increase your sense of security and will help you to prevent unnecessary expenses. Thanks to the system of integrated electrical appliances, you will not have to check if lights and other appliances are turned on or off – you would only need to create a scenario that will automatically run at scheduled times. With motion sensors, Cockpit can turn the lights on or off, depending on whether you are in the room or not. Also the heating system can be managed – turned off when you are not at home and turned on before you’re back. Additionally, all changes you make are immediately visible in the app panel. The key benefit is the opportunity to save money by reducing energy consumption up to 30%.

Can I control the shutters/blinds using Cockpit?

Yes, you can manage your electrical blinds and shutters with special module for blind control. It is installed as a switch for controlling the electric motor for blinds and shutters.

Can I manage the heating system using Cockpit?

Yes, Cockpit allows you to manage the temperature and heating system in your home. It can be configured so that whenever you’re out of home, the temperature is reduced, and returned to the preferred temperature level just before you return. An additional advantage is the ability to set the temperature individually for each room. Cockpit system solutions allow you to reduce energy consumption and electricity costs.

How can I control devices in the apartment using Cockpit?

Cockpit is very convenient and easy to use, You can manage your apartment anytime from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet, which most of us usually carry. Cockpit system can also be controlled by computer, logging into your user account on a dedicated website http://login.yourcockpit.biz

What happens if I change my apartment? Do I have to buy new devices for a new place?

No, once you purchased your system it stays with you, even when you change your place. One of the most appreciated advantages by our customers is the mobility of the system. None of the elements of the Cockpit are connected permanently to the structure of the building, so you can freely adjust them or bring them to a new apartment. Please contact us before moving, and we’ll be happy to assist you in uninstalling and reinstalling your Cockpit system.

Is Cockpit system safe and secured?

Yes, all Cockpit devices are certified with Z-wave plus technology and meets EU standards. Furthermore, all system specifications are stored on an SSL secured Cloud, so no one can access or change your settings and your presets are always backed up.

Does Cockpit system require configuration?

Yes, all system devices are being configured with the main gateway by our technician during installation. All preferred settings and scenarios are discussed together with the members of the household, which then are set into the system. The installation team will also teach you how to build your own scenarios on your own.

What is the range of Cockpit devices?

The range of devices is approximately 30 meters from the main Gateway, but thanks to the “Mesh Network” created by the devices (transmitting radio signals between each other), the range can be extended significantly.

Is it possible to expand the Cockpit system of a device suitable for dimming?

Yes, the dimmer is designed to adjust the light intensity and adjust the desired speed of a ceiling fan. In the case of the configuration of the dimmer to light, light source needs to work with dimmers. A light source cooperating with dimmer includes:
a) traditional bulb
b) energy saving bulb – dimmable
c) LED bulb – dimmable
d) halogen lamps 230 V AC
“Load dimmable” can not exceed 200 W. When connected to a ceiling fan, you can control the speed of the fan.

Can I install the Cockpit system in apartment which is already occupied? Will this require modifying or the knocking down of walls?

The devices used by Cockpit are always installed in ready to use apartments. It can even be in the apartment you already living in. All devices are completely non-invasive, and its installation is fast and does not require forging, demolishing walls or violation of their structures.

Does Cockpit require additional cables?

No, Cockpit is based on the most advanced wireless technology Z-wave plus, which does not require any additional wiring. There is a need for ground wire in light socket (N wire) which in 90% of cases exist in any socket and in case not, we can find a simple, non-costly solution.

Can I manage electrical devices in my house from any location?

Yes, Cockpit allows you to control devices from anywhere. If you’re away from home – at work or on vacation – just run the app and connect to the Internet using WIFI, and log-in your home to make sure that everything is under control.

Where can I buy Cockpit Smart Home system?

Please contact our office: sales@yourcockpit.biz. We will be happy to set up a meeting with you or invite you to our showroom to explore more and order the right package for your needs.

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